W16 by Olson Kundig

Some buildings set out to blend in. Others inspire and bridge between people, nature, culture, and history. In a unique seven-story concrete form, W16 By Olson Kundig and Wesgroup pushes the design envelope in the heart of Cambie Village. This limited collection of 53 one to three-bedroom homes sits on the prominent corner of Cambie and W16th. “A striking, distinctive building that is experimental yet elegant and unites architecture, individual and nature.” – Olson Kundig, architect of W16

In our current culture, we strive for individuality, to leave our mark, to stand out in a crowd. Wesgroup searched for an architect who could explore this yearning for originality within the context of a prominent Vancouver neighbourhood. Olson Kundig was a natural choice, and they have designed a form that’s far from ordinary.
W16 is carefully proportioned to optimize the building’s footprint and the functionality of every home. The design was first shaped with insets, producing corner windows for all homes, and allowing air and light to freely circulate and penetrate deeper into living spaces. The façade was then shifted to further lighten the mass of the form, matching the neighbourhood’s scale. This created covered balconies that appear as articulated boxes from the street and offer versatile use. The result: unique dimensions and enhanced livability.

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