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Connor F. & Jayne F.


First-Time Home Buyers

May 20, 2021

Amy & Aly were a rockstars. I think their core value is experience, negotiations, hustle, and responsiveness. Amy was fully researched on every place we looked at, learned what we truly wanted, and was very good at understanding competitive landscape and estimating the sale price, both on the homes we lost, and the one we finally closed on! We found the trick to buying a home is building a good team, and we’d take these two on our team every time!

Michelle K.


First-Time Home Buyer

May 19, 2021

Working with Amy and Ally has been such a great experience. As a first time home buyer, I was nervous to take this step and it was extra hard to have the confidence to navigate a red hot and difficult sellers market. Knowing I had Amy and Ally on my side gave me the support I needed to make a confident purchase. No matter the budget, I always felt like I had their full attention - all of their clients are top priority and they ensure you get the time and attention you need. Amy and Ally are not only expert negotiators, but they are leaders in their field who consistently keep their fingers on the pulse of the real estate market. They actively market both their buyers and their sellers and lead their peers in the industry with various talks as well. Seeing their active participation in their field gave me the confidence that I was in good hands - they won’t let their clients make a bad investment decision! After months of searching, I found the perfect place and both Amy and Ally jumped into action making my dreams come true! It really was because of their guidance, quick work and perseverance that I was able to secure my new home, and I fully believe I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! As a final note, I’d like to express my extreme gratitude for Amy and Ally’s partnership and support. It can be a very difficult and emotional roller coaster navigating this market. There were so many times I felt defeated and through it all, both Amy and Ally remained positive and kept my spirits up, determined to make it happen for me. I honestly thought I would never be able to own a home, in one of the most expensive markets, on my own, but with Amy and Ally by my side I was able to make my dreams come true! Thank you Amy and Ally for all your hard work and all you do for your clients! - MK

Katrina S.


First-Time Home Buyer

May 2, 2021

I was looking to purchase my first home and a friend who had previously worked with Amy on a project recommended her to me. I cannot describe how much of a dream Amy and her team were to work with! Amy is so knowledgeable and professional and she made me very comfortable taking this big step in my life. I never felt like I was bothering Amy when I sent her properties and she always encouraged me to look at anything I was remotely interested in. I went to a handful of showings with Amy's assistant Alan who was so friendly and really helped me narrow down what I was looking for in a property. When it came to writing an offer, Amy's analysis and expertise were extremely helpful and appreciated. We were able to win the first property I wrote an offer on! Of course I am overjoyed by this, but will miss working with Alan and Amy! I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a realtor!

Markus S.



March 23, 2020

Amy and Ally are a truly wonderful team to work with. They have been my trusted advisors for over a year now and thanks to their outstanding levels of dedication, access and expertise, I was able to enter into my first 3 very lucrative real estate investments in Canada. Their careful analysis and consideration of market trends as well as my personal goals made it easy for me to proceed with confidence when we found the right opportunities. Amy worked closely with me through each transaction and the process was always a breeze uplifted by a consistently positive "can do" attitude. I am grateful to have connected with these two superstars and I have no doubt I will continue to seek their advice and services in all things real estate, wealth building and early "retirement".

Beth M.



January 30, 2020

I just recently took the plunge and bought my very first property! For me, home ownership was always an unattainable goal being a single person living in Vancouver; however, if it weren’t for Amy and Ally’s encouragement, patience and expert knowledge of the market, I would not be a home owner today! They were so present and helpful with every step of my journey as this was such a new experience for me. These two boss babes have helped transform the way I envision my own financial goals and how I now envision building wealth for my future. I highly recommend their outstanding services as they helped make one of my dreams a reality!

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