Amy & Ally Speaking at Inman Connect Now 2020

Amy Leong

June 2, 2020

Inman Connect Now 2020 Features Amy & Ally

Amy & Ally are pleased to announce that they will be speaking at the incredible Inman Connect Now 2020 event on June 4th, 2020! Inman is an award winning Real Estate news and journalism company that showcases all of the latest and greatest Real Estate news across North America.

Join Amy & Ally at the Inman Connect Now 2020 Conference

Every year, Inman features a fantastic set of in-person events and conferences in New York. With the dawn of COVID-19, Inman has decided to launch an online event called Inman Connect Now 2020. This new digital real estate conference will present speakers from all areas of the real estate world, and will feature all of the latest and greatest innovative tactics and technology. Inman prides themselves on being at the forefront of real estate innovation, and often speaks with and on behalf of new innovators in the real estate space.

Inman Connect Now will feature some of the top minds in Real Estate

Amy & Ally's Presentation

Amy & Ally will be presenting on the topic of "Volumizing Your Real Estate Sales", and how to execute at a high level to secure maximum amounts of volume for sales within Real Estate. Speaking from experience, Amy and Ally at Engel and Völkers Vancouver have sold over $350 million in real estate over the last 5 years, and have mastered the art of increasing sales volume for real estate sales.

One of the biggest challenges for realtors that are just starting out is being able to secure deals. Amy and Ally use unique strategies, and have a lot to share about the topic. Being young realtors themselves, they can attest to the strategies that helped them scale to where they are today.

Tickets for the upcoming Inman Connect Now 2020 are available for purchase at this link. Amy and Ally will be presenting on June 4th at 1:00pm Eastern Time, or 10:00am Pacific Time.

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