4 Reasons You Should Immigrate to Canada

Amy Leong

September 28, 2022

It’s no secret that Canada is a fantastic place to live. This year, it ranked #1 for Quality of Life again (several years in a row!) and was named the second-best country in the world, according to global rankings by US News & World Report. 

Canada is famous for being peaceful and inclusive, blessed with stunning natural beauty and a high standard of overall living. While there is still more we can improve on, we are proud to call this gorgeous country home. 

Not only do we have a lower unemployment rate than the U.S., Canada also has the 10th strongest economy in the world, countless opportunities to work or start a business, and access to world-class education and healthcare.

While we can think of many reasons to immigrate to Canada this year, here are 4 reasons that may entice you:

Quality of Life

The OECD Better Life Index ranks Canada ‘above the average’ on pretty much every metric, and for good reason. From housing and health status to subjective well-being overall, Canada is one of the most comfortable and desirable places on earth to call home. 

For one, it’s incredibly safe. Just ask the Global Peace Index, which ranked Canada as 6th in the world in 2018, based on factors like strong gun control, decreasing/low crime rates, and a largely peaceful approach to foreign diplomacy and conflict. 

We’re also a very wealthy nation with a stable and civil political structure, and an inclusive and open-minded approach to society. 

It’s the Perfect Place to Work and Start a Business

Canada doesn’t just look spectacular, it’s also an excellent place to build a powerful career. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, explore the tech and startup scene or become an entrepreneur, there is no shortage of choice and opportunity. 

Canadian workers receive better healthcare and benefits too, including paid holidays, long maternity and paternity leave, and more. Our inclusivity extends to our workplace culture as well, with protections in place against prejudice and discrimination. 

When it comes to industry, Canada has something for everyone. If the tech sector is your jam, you’re in luck, because Toronto is home to big names like Shopify, Facebook, Salesforce and more, with that number steadily increasing.

Don’t discount the slightly smaller cities though! Vancouver (our home turf) is becoming famous for its dynamic tech and startup scene, while Montreal is considered the Artificial Intelligence hub of the country. 

Canada rewards its innovative entrepreneurs, offering support, investments and grant opportunities for new and rising businesses. 

No matter your career goals, Canadians know we’re spoiled for choice with ways to pursue our passions and grow financially. 

World-Class Education 

Piling on even more (well-deserved) accolades, Canada is considered one of the most educated countries in the world, with our free K-12 public system regarded among the top on the global stage. We’re home to some of the world’s best universities, including the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and more. 

Our embrace of diversity means we’re welcoming of students from around the world, and we’re just as warm, friendly and polite as the cliche says! 

It’s Absolutely Gorgeous

This one is obvious, but we just have to mention it again. It’s hard to even fathom how beautiful Canada is, from Jasper National Park and BC’s emerald lakes to the breathtaking, postcard-esque coastline of Nova Scotia. 

Pro-tip: We might be a little biased, but if you want stunning scenery year-round without cross-country travel, we suggest moving to Vancouver. It’s got literally everything; mountains, beaches, forests and cosmopolitan city life. Oh, and the mildest weather in the country. What more could you ask for?

Let’s face it, the world is a bizarre place at the moment, but we feel grateful to live in one of the best places on earth. If you’re looking to make a change, start a new chapter in life or are eager to live abroad, we 100% recommend making the Great White North your new home. 

We have helped countless people relocate to Vancouver, it would be our pleasure to help you next!

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