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Pescadero, Baja California

Tuna Pescadero

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Your second place to call home. TUNA features two distinct types of residential proposals thatadapt to your needs, preferences and lifestyle, with 30 villas & 36 townhomes, that differ in size,distribution and characteristics.Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, TUNA stands with a luxury landscape design thatmerges with the environment and connects with nature. Beyond a home, you’ll find a sanctuarythat feels just like a summer breeze. There are several beaches in the Pescadero area withbeautiful views and great for activities such as fishing, surfing, camping or just laying in thesand. Enjoy delicious meals, there is no shortage of amazing dining in the area with differenttypes of local food: Same Same But Different, Noah Japanese Food, Agricole Cooperativa,Barracuda Cantina, Pura Playa Bar. The Local Farmer’s Market won’t disappoint, you will findfresh produce, paintings, jewelry, blankets, locally-made clothing, and much more. At only a 15minute drive from Pescadero, visit Todos Santos. You will find colorful streets with murals andcolonial buildings filled with artisanal shops, boutiques, cafes, art galleries and upscalerestaurants. Don’t miss the art, film, wine and multiple festivals that take place ALL YEARROUND.Torres Trueba & López Letayf, a Mexican firm based in CDMX, which specializes in Residential,Cultural, Retail and Urban design breathe TUNA into existence with a concept where nature andconstruction merge into the space like no other, creating a unique living experience. The housesare designed to create a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior areas.Thanks to openings to the outside through the façade, they receive fresh air and adequateventilation throughout the day.

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