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For buyer looking for an incredible cross-border getaway home, check out Amy & Ally's exclusive Hawaii Buyers Guide with special offers and listings

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Amy & Ally at Engel & Völkers Vancouver are experts when it comes to cross border investing. Through strategic partnerships, they have access to VIP properties and investment opportunities in Hualalai, Hawaii. All of their promoted properties in Hawaii are perfect for both snowbirds and investors alike.

Hawaii is known for its incredible views, peaceful demeanour, and vibrant history. Hawaii is a very safe region, and has all of the incredible luxurious amenities that our buyers have come to love. Escape with incredible golf courses, world-class sandy beaches, and incredible food and drinks.

Hawaii Property Highlight: Kumukehu Estates, Hualalai Resort

Hawaii is known for its incredible weather and exceptional luxury. These stunning properties are perfect for both investors and buyers that are interested in purchasing the vacation home of their dreams.

The Hualālai Resort is located in the ahupua‘a of Ka‘ūpūlehu. This region is a stunning area with tons of beautiful natural resources, natural history, and beautiful views of course. This area was once a vibrant fishing village, and eventually became the gold standard for top-tier hospitality in the region.

Experience ultra-luxurious properties that feature all of your favourite amenities. Take a look at the stunning photos on the slideshow below. For more information about Hualālai and our available properties, get in touch with us.

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Want to learn more about purchasing a property in Hawaii? Amy & Ally have put together a free, quick and easy guide for you to gain more insight into Hawaii and it's stunning properties. Navigate the cross-border real estate market with ease!

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